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Comenius Project


Knowing Europe Through an Educational Business

The idea of the project is the following:

  • setting up a virtual tour operator working in all the partner regions;
  • getting information regarding procedures to follow in order to open this activity;
  • creating contacts with business organizations who will play the role of consultants and will give advice regarding how and where to set up the business;
  • getting information regarding the partner regions as to the following fields: business; art/culture; cuisine/folklore; nature; religion and health;
  • creating a multimedia product about your own country in order to satisfy the enquiries of the other partners;
  • exchanging the produced materials;
  • creating two itineraries for each country, one concerning business tourism and the other leisure tourism;
  • evaluating the effectiveness of the itineraries and accepting any amendments from the other partners;
  • creating a catalogue of the virtual tour operator and a web page with all the work of the partner countries.

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Your Tour Operator

Click on the itineraries below to find the one for you!


Italy picture

Tourist Itineraries Business Itineraries
PPT icona  Northern Italy n.1  (4,37 MB) PPT icona 3  Fashion  (3,09 MB)
PPT icona 2  Northern Italy n.2  (3,38 MB) PPT logo 4  Furniture  (4,48 MB)
ppt logo 5  Northern Italy n.3/a  (2,95 MB)  
ppt logo 7  Northern Italy n.3/b  (4,63 MB)  
ppt logo 6  Northern Italy n.3/c  (4,71 MB)  




Tourist Itineraries Business Itineraries
ppt logo 8  Normandy n.1  (4,61 MB) ppt logo 10  Food n.1  (3,07 MB)
ppt logo 9  Normandy n.2  (1,35 MB) ppt logo 11  Food n.2  (3,32 MB)
  ppt logo 12  Food n.3  (3,60 MB)




Tourist Itineraries Business Itineraries
ppt logo 13  Rhineland n.1  (3,40 MB) ppt logo 16  Green Energy n.1  (4,65 MB)
ppt logo 14  Rhineland n.2  (3,63 MB) ppt logo 16  Green Energy n.2  (4,30 MB)
ppt logo 15  Rhineland n.3  (1,11 MB) ppt logo 17  Household Articles  (3,00 MB)


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